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This term the School Council have had brand new members, including our Reception (FS) children:


The names of the school council are:

  • Scott - Deer
  • Frank - Owls
  • Daisy - Foxes
  • Archie - Hedgehogs
  • Florence - Parrots
  • Sophia - Giraffes
  • Harvey - Elephants
  • Owain - Koalas
  • George - Leopards
  • Rosemaria - Unicorns
  • Zoe - Phoenix
  • Danielle - Griffins
  • Jasmine - Dragons

Project 4:  It's Competition Time! (continued...)

We have continued to work on the winners of the competition and started thinking about the mural design. We chose 15 winners as we had so many entries.  Mrs Sly then gave all the children a certificate for entering and a special ‘WINNER’ certificate for those who won!  We have arranged for Mr Greenfield to take down the car mat that is hanging on the wall as we thought this would be a good space for the new mural.  We are in the process of contacting the artist and setting up a meeting to share our ideas!  WATCH THIS SPACE!



It’s Competition Time!

As part of our last project, before new councillors are elected we organised a very exciting competition in celebration of Book Week.  We explained in our assembly that the Year One corridor needed brightening up… and the pupils were just the people to do it!

We launched a competition for pupils to draw a design of their favourite book character and the best 10 will be chosen to create a Muriel.  This will be painted in the Year One corridor as part of their forest theme.  It will be the School Council's job to think about buying paint, resources and a painter to make our vision a reality!



Mrs Sly and the school council want to hear from YOU! They have been busy brainstorming ideas of how to provide more opportunities to hear the opinions of the children of Willesborough to help us to make our school EVEN BETTER!



School Council Says...

At our last meeting we thought of a range of different questions about what life is like at Willesborough Infant School and began creating 'School Council says' stations. These are going to be available around the school with new questions each term for children to answer using post its! It is then our job to collate these answers and act on opinions of the pupils. We are very excited about our first project!


Christmas jumper Day! Which Charity to choose?

The school council were put in charge of choosing a suitable charity to donate the money from our Christmas jumper day on the 19th December!  We had lots of great ideas of different charities we had heard of and why they would be a good choice.  Mrs Sly also told us about lots as well!  These included AGE UK- helping the elderly at Christmas, Porchlight in Ashford - which help people that are homeless and Barnardos - for children that are less fortunate at home and abroad.  It took lots of time and discussions to make our final decision but we finally agreed on… 

Porchlight in Ashford - helping the homeless

We made posters to put around the school advertising our special Christmas jumper and the Charity we had chosen.  We chose ‘Porchlight’ because we thought about how lucky we were to have lovely homes and presents at Christmas time and wanted to help those less fortunate.




British Values Display

Miss Healy came to us with an exciting new project!  We had to create a display based on the ‘British Values’ and what opportunities we provide in our school. E.g. Knowledge and Understanding Club, Tiny Teachers, First Aid Training, Mini- middays and Press Gang.

We asked Year 2 questions about the different experiences they have had, designed a display board and gave an assembly.  Look at the final product below!