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Our Curriculum

At Willesborough Infant School we deliver a Creative Curriculum.

A Creative Curriculum focuses on problem solving, discussion, collaboration and imaginative thinking that leads to the following 'creative behaviours':

  • questioning and challenging 
  • envisaging what might be
  • problem solving and reasoning
  • exploring ideas, keeping options open 
  • reflecting critically on ideas, actions and outcomes
  • making connections and seeing relationships
  • growing aspirations

The Creative Curriculum takes the National Curriculum content and uses a 'thematic' (topic or theme) approach to teach multiple learning objectives across different subject areas.  Teaching in this way makes more sense to young children as they make links in their learning and develop their skills as creative thinkers.

We review, refine and develop the themes or topics we teach to meet the unique needs of our children year by year.  Every child is unique, every cohort is unique.  Our aim is to ensure that every child experiences 'Wonder - Inspire - Shine!'  provision.

 By adopting a whole school approach to teaching and learning we aim to:

  • deliver consistency of teaching and learning across our school
  • enable teachers to teach as effectively as possible 
  • enable children to learn as efficiently as possible 
  • give children the skills they require to become effective lifelong learners 
  • provide an inclusive education for all children 
  • learn from each other, through the adoption of a collaborative, enquiry based approach to teaching and learning, where good practice is shared

Our subject leaders ensure that the curriculum is progressive and inclusive across the two schools.  They work with year group leaders and cohesively as a key leadership team to deliver greater breadth and depth to our curriculum.  You can find out how the national curriculum is covered for each subject by looking at our English, Maths and Foundation Subject pages.

Please click the link below to be taken to the official GOV.UK website to see an overview of the National Curriculum:

During your child's first year at school they will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  By the end of their first year in school they will be working towards the Key Stage One National Curriculum.  We believe that where one curriculum starts and another ends is different for all children and that is why learning is carefully differentiated to suit the needs of the individual.